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European Funded Projects


eu funded projects

Exploiting the Cy-Tera infrastructure, CaSToRC secured several European funded programs of a total budget in excess of € 5 million. Additional funding was secured from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (RPF). Most recent successes are the European Joint Doctorate Program HPC-LEAP, which CaSToRC is coordinating, and the Horizon 2020 Infrastructure project VISEEM, which CaSToRC is co-coordinating.


On-going EU projects

HPC-LEAP is a highly interdisciplinary joint doctorate program realized by bringing together world-leading experts in applied mathematics, high performance computing technologies, particle and nuclear physics, fluid dynamics and life sciences to appropriately train researchers in Europe to exploit high performance computing, advance science and promote innovation. For more information see here.

VI-SEEM is a three-year project that aims at creating a unique Virtual Research Environment (VRE) in Southeast Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean (SEEM), in order to facilitate regional interdisciplinary collaboration, with special focus on the scientific communities of life sciences, climate and digital cultural heritage. For more information see here.

PRACE: Since 2008, CaSToRC represents Cyprus in the Pan-European infrastructure project PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe. Along with 25 other European countries, PRACE aims to provide a common computer infrastructure across Europe. CaSToRC’s participation opens up the opportunity to all Cypriot researchers to access the largest available supercomputers currently being operated in Europe. For more information see here.

EoCoE: In collaboration with The Cyprus Institute’s Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC), CaSToRC is participating in the establishment of Energy Oriented Centre of Excellence for computing applications (EoCoE) which gathers 8 countries and 23 teams. The primary goal of EoCoE is to create a new, long lasting and sustainable community around computational energy science with focus on Meteo, Materials, Water and Fusion, each with a heavy reliance on numerical modelling. For more information see here.

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