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Innovation and Research Commercialization

The technologies tested in the various infrastructures of the Department are aiming at reaching the market in the next few years, and the necessary work to increase their TRL and commercial maturity is ongoing. The headlining Concentrated Solar Power and Desalinated Water concept is spearheading these efforts with a view to either license the IP of the technology or create spin-offs. The target market is isolated energy systems close to bodies of water in arid or semi-arid locations, like the conditions found in Cyprus.
The EEWRC has spun off two start-up companies: PeriHelion is specializing in offering services and solutions for the engineering, development, and operation of cutting-edge renewable energy projects; The company is focusing on offering testing services for CSP, thermal storage, renewable energy mini-grids, data acquisition, controls and automation, as well as renewable desalination; Adaptive Architecture Systems (AAS) produces innovative data-driven architectural façade systems that dramatically improve the energy performance of buildings developed specifically for the needs of cities around the Mediterranean basin and in the solar belt countries.
The energy modelling and analysis expertise acquired in the last few years is now attracting requests for external consulting services: The EEWRC has been approached by the EC and the UNDP that operate in the Buffer Zone of Cyprus to provide a pre-feasibility study on the technical and economic potential of a hybrid PV/CSP system built inside this area to serve both communities.
The Energy Department has recently had two patents granted on UAV-based systems and methods for characterizing the surface and geometry of concentrating mirrors and a further pending application for a patent on a novel energy storage system.
The Water Department has coordinated the development of a voluntary quality certification scheme for agro-food products from the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus, through a bottom-up participatory approach. The scheme facilitates a better integration of local small and medium-size farmers in the supply chain, while responding to consumer and market requirements for certified quality and healthy products with a labelled origin and identity. The sustainable management of natural and agricultural resources is included in the certification criteria. This is the first voluntary quality label for agricultural products in Cyprus and is in line with the Strategy for the Development of the Mountain Communities.

A sensor-based irrigation scheduling decision support system was developed by the Water Department, in cooperation with an SME in Cyprus. The system is being tested by farmers in the Troodos Mountains, in the framework of the RIF-funded 3PRO-TROODOS Project.

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