CyI Governance

The Cyprus Institute’s governance structure includes the CREF Board of Trustees, the CREF Executive Committee and its President. The Scientific Advisory Council and the Scientific Expert Panels have advisory roles.

CyI’s senior authority rests with the internationally acclaimed CREF Board of Trustees that is responsible for guiding and assessing the effective implementation of the Institute’s vision and mission. The Board is currently comprised of leading personalities of the international academic, political and business world.

The Board is supported by the Scientific Advisory Council that provides advice and recommendations on strategic research matters and priorities.

The strategic decisions taken by the Board of Trustees regarding the development of CyI necessitate follow up actions which are pursued by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee provides guidance to the management of the Institute for furthering its progress on all levels.

In order to exercise scientific overview and steering for its Research Centers the CyI President relies on the specialized advice of the Scientific Expert Panels (one for each of the three Research Centers). They provide independent scientific advice related to the development of the Research Centers.


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