The Cyprus Institute considers innovation and entrepreneurship as key factors for achieving a meaningful impact of research on society and the economy. Accordingly, the Innovation and Development Directorate was established in October 2019 with the aim to develop, expand and manage a specific portfolio of activities of The Cyprus Institute in this area.
Amongst the top priorities of the Innovation and Development Directorate is to create a knowledge transfer pipeline, by promoting spin-outs and intellectual property. Innovative ideas and opportunities are proactively scouted, and early champions are supported as the innovation and entrepreneurship culture can spread by emulation within the Institute's community. The Innovation and Development Directorate is also fostering the efficient connection of research activities to societal, economic and environmental challenges, promoting collaborations with external innovators and stakeholders in a multiple-helix framework. External deep-tech entrepreneurs are invited to contact the Institute and co-create their innovation in collaboration with scientists of The Cyprus Institute.
The concepts of Green and Sustainable Development, Impact Innovation and Innovation through Arts & Humanities are strategically pursued to responsibly address challenges of critical importance for the country and the region. This will be achieved by leveraging strategic capabilities, resources and valuable knowledge towards the design and implementation of environmentally and socially-aware innovative products and services to empower and sustain the prosperity of future generations.


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